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Find the best deals on Diesel Trucks in Mooresville right here at Wholesale Direct of Mooresville. Trucks powered by diesel engines remain a favorite for buyers who place a high priority on heavy hauling and high towing capacities. Big horsepower numbers, along with even bigger torque figures, are par for the course in this segment. We search the country for only the highest quality diesel trucks to sell to put on our lot. After we find a diesel truck that meets our requirements...we send it through our rigorous 88 point inspection. So our customers have the peace of mind knowing that when they make their diesel truck purchase at Wholesale Direct they are getting the best vehicle for their money.

Every truck class has at least one model available with a diesel motor. Diesels offer superior towing ability and torque compared to similar gasoline engines. They get better fuel economy, are often easy to modify with aftermarket parts, and will basically run forever, which makes them a great deal if you are looking for a used truck. It is not uncommon for a diesel truck to roll over the 250,000-mile mark with few or no problems.There is no substitute for a torque-rich diesel if serious towing is in your future. Here are some of the most popular diesel trucks you can find at our dealership -

  • Chevy 2500 Diesel Trucks
  • Chevy 3500 Diesel Trucks
  • Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks
  • Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks
  • Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel Trucks
  • Dodge Ram 2500 HD Diesel Trucks
  • Ford F-250 Diesel Trucks
  • Ford F-350 Diesel Trucks
  • GMC 2500 Diesel Trucks
  • GMC 3500 Diesel Trucks

Come check out our Diesel Trucks Mooresville at Wholesale Direct of Mooresville today. Wholesale Direct has long been a reliable source for pre-owned vehicles for sale in Mooresville, NC for 10 years. Our daily changing inventory includes Coupes, Sports Cars, High Line Sedans, Jeeps, Mid & Full Size SUVs, Diesel Trucks, and much more.

Diesel Trucks Mooresville >>